Recycling Process & Technology

The plant adopts the most viable and proven ambient size reduction technology to recycle all kinds of used tyre into 3 main constituents: rubber, steel and fibres. This ambient temperature technology works on the principle of mechanical size reduction, separation and segregation of rubber crumbs from contaminants of steel wires and fibers within the tyres.

Step 1 : Debeading

The tyres are debeaded after being washed with water to remove impurities like sand, stones and mud.

Step 2 : Shredding

A shredder is used to reduce the entire used tyres into 100-200mm tyre shreds.

Step 3 : Granulating

After the shredder has cut the tyres into 100-200mm shred form, they continue through a granulator to reduce the shreds to 5-12mm crumbs. The main material, which are predominantly consists of rubber, steels and fibres are separated through a series of magnets, sieves and separators.

Step 4 : Powdering

Depending on the applications, crumbs from Step 3 can be further processed into rubber powder of different mesh sizes (20 to 40 mesh) using a series of fine crushers or pulverizers.

Step 5 : Quality Control

Our quality assurance system focused on particle size analysis, metal and fibres impurities measurements in accordance to ASTM D5603 standard using the in house testing facilities.

Process Flow Chart