Benefits of Tyre Recycling


Reduce Environment and Health Impact

With the well established, systematic and continuous collections of used tyre across Sarawak by ZHA, the following environment and health threats posed by used tyres will reduce:
  • Uncontrolled tyre dumping in open areas that provide an ideal habitat for mosquitoes, which increase the risk of causing dengue fever.

  • Tyre fire can cause a health risk through the inhalation of particulates emitted during fire.

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Green Products

Through the recycling process, used tyres are converted into a variety of useful green product for applications in road construction, recreational and rubber related products manufacturing.

Carbon Emission

In accordance to a study carried out by The Institute for Environmental Research and Education in 2009 on carbon footprint of used tyre recycling, the study found:
  • The use of recycled rubber in molded products provides a substantial carbon footprint advantage over the use of virgin plastic resins, having between four and 20 times lower carbon footprint.

  • When used in road surfaces, recycled rubber had between three and seven times lower carbon footprint than asphalt on a materials basis.

  • When used in energy recovery, recycled rubber tyres provided about a 20 percent carbon footprint advantage over coal, but tyres had substantially more carbon emissions than other fossil fuels.